Amblescroft South, Salisbury – Advantages

Amblescroft South, Salisbury – Advantages

Estate Advantages

Revenue costs

  • No additional revenue funds are required for this option, which represents good value for money as it will make available about £0.44m of funding that can be reinvested elsewhere

Capital costs 

  • No additional funds required as facilities are already in place at Amblescroft South
  • No funding would be required from existing dementia services

Reinvestment in Community Services

  • Potential to invest £0.44m in secondary community services due to savings


  • This option would create a single specialist site in the south of the county
  • Amblescroft South is a purpose-built, specialist dementia hospital
  • Amblescroft South meets modern standards in relation to Health Technical Memorandums (HTMs) and Health Building Notes (HBNs)
  • All in-patient beds for older people with mental health needs will be in one place, improving governance, quality and clinical effectiveness
  • Amblescroft South is situated on an older people’s campus, which will allow the use of specialist equipment/supply management between wards

Clinical Advantages

  • Salisbury District Hospital is situated 3.6 miles away and about 9 minutes by car without traffic
  • It would provide a health centre allowing patients to cross from the general ward to the dementia ward if required
  • Dedicated medical on-call service would be available due to the campus nature of the site