Option 3 – Amblescroft South, Salisbury

Option 3 – Amblescroft South, Salisbury


Formalise permanent specialist dementia hospital services at Amblescroft South, Salisbury.

Fountain Way is a modern hospital campus located on the outskirts of Salisbury. Amblescroft South is the specialist dementia ward located on the older people’s healthcare campus in Fountain Way, which opened with newly built facilities in 2003 and occupies the southern part of the site of the former Old Manor Hospital.  It comprises a three ward specialist hospital facility and a range of buildings that deliver community services.  The existing ward has provision to accommodate 20 service users in single occupancy bedrooms.

This option involves validating the current temporary arrangements regarding the 10 temporary dementia beds, which were transferred from Charter House, at Amblescroft South, Fountain Way Hospital, Salisbury, to supplement the existing 10 beds and make the temporary closure of Charter House permanent.

An overview of Amblescroft South estates:

  1. Room sizes are compliant with current national guidance
  2. Bedrooms have en-suite facilities including showers
  3. Ward provides separate male/female bedroom areas to protect privacy and dignity
  4. Observation offered throughout the ward is good
  5. Communal space is provided by a number of smaller lounges giving people choice and a variety of rooms in which to socialise and undertake activities
  6. Ward Garden contains a number of areas that allow for escorted or unescorted access and activities in a safe environment
  7. Existing fixtures and fittings meet current AWP standards. The Patient-led assessments of the care environment (PLACE) scored this facility as above the national average
  8. Signage meets current Trust standards, making it easier for patients with dementia to orientate themselves, which can reduce confusion and stress levels, as well as maintain independence
  9. Ward provides space for people to move about freely without a sense of confinement and there is a circular design for hallways allowing patients to walk in any direction for as long as they want without being stopped or confused by dead-ends
  10. Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE) scores the Fountain Way Hospital site scored above the national average in all areas, including: Cleanliness, Privacy, Dignity and Wellbeing, Food and Condition, Appearance and Maintenance

Adopting this option would result in the current arrangements for specialist dementia hospital services being formalised at Amblescroft South and the temporary closure of Charter House made permanent.

This is Wiltshire CCG and Wiltshire Council’s preferred option.