Avebury Ward, Green Lane, Devizes – Disadvantages

Avebury Ward, Green Lane, Devizes – Disadvantages

Estate and Investment Disadvantages

Revenue costs

  • Closing Amblescroft South and opening a new building will cost £0.69m per annum in depreciation charges and additional staff requirements
  • Refurbishment of Avebury Ward will mean that £0.69m per annum will have to be taken from other services to meet the costs
  • There will be additional costs of £0.25m to finance the mothballing of the estate and potential staff redeployment/redundancy

Capital Costs

  • Refurbishing Avebury Ward will cost about £3.12m to bring the facilities up to standard
  • As AWP have no further financial resources available, and Wiltshire CCG does not hold a capital budget, outside funding, such as a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) or external private funders will need to be sourced
  • The initial cost of outside funding would be about £0.31m with additional costs of £0.03m per annum.

Reinvestment in community services

  • This option would not release any savings meaning that no investment could be made in secondary community services

Clinical Disadvantages

  • If Amblescroft South were to close, this would lead to a split site for Older People’s specialist hospital services between Salisbury and Devizes. This would be costly to maintain and there would be less opportunity for learning, exchange of ideas and cover, which would mean less effective use of staff and equipment
  • This option does not make best use of NHS assets as currently there are no alternative services identified to fill the void that would be left in Salisbury
  • The nearest District General Hospital is Great Western Hospital, which is a drive of about 38 minutes without traffic
  • There could be recruitment issues if existing staff do not want to transfer from Salisbury to Devizes