Option 2 – Avebury Ward, Green Lane Hospital, Devizes

Option 2 – Avebury Ward, Green Lane, Devizes








Locate the specialist dementia hospital services at Avebury Ward, Green Lane Hospital, Devizes.

Green Lane Hospital is on the outskirts of Devizes and comprises:

  • a three ward in-patient facility (Avebury, Silbury and Imber)
  • a therapies department
  • a catering building, and
  • an administrative building

This option entails:

  1. Closing the 10 temporary dementia beds previously transferred from Charter House and 10 permanent beds, which already existed at Amblescroft South, Fountain Way, Salisbury
  2. Refurbishing Avebury Ward in Devizes
  3. Reopening the specialist dementia ward in Devizes following the refurbishment

Avebury Ward was, until mid-2010, a specialist hospital unit for Adults of Working Age. The existing ward design had provision to accommodate 22 service users in single occupancy bedrooms. In its current layout there are a number of issues that would need addressing.

An overview of these issues is:

  1. Room sizes are not compliant with current national guidance
  2. Bedrooms and corridors cannot easily accommodate or allow the movement of King’s Fund beds, which are designed and built to exacting specifications for safety, durability, ease of handling and patient comfort
  3. The bedrooms have en-suite facilities, but are not provided with showers
  4. Observation throughout the ward is poor due to recesses within the corridors making it difficult for staff to observe patients to ensure that they are well and safe
  5. Communal space is limited and a lack of communal space can be detrimental to the wellbeing of some dementia patients and makes visits by relatives and friends difficult to accommodate in a comfortable environment.
  6. The Ward Garden contains a number of trip hazards and hard edges that increase the risk of falls and injuries to patients.
  7. The existing fixtures and fittings do not meet current standards in relation to Health and Safety and Patient-led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE).
  8. The existing signage is poor
  9. The existing colour schemes are not compliant with dementia care best practice, making it difficult for people with dementia to navigate the environment and remain independent
  10. There is poor wandering space for patients