Continuing Health Care

Continuing Health Care

When it is assessed that an individual’s primary need is a health need, the NHS offers a package of continuing health care. This is a package of ongoing care arranged and funded solely by the NHS.

If you require continuing health care, Wiltshire CCG is committed to helping you to stay at home, provided that is safe for you and the staff looking after you to do so. We follow a number of key principles to guide this decision and if we are unable to support a package of care provided at your home we will offer you alternative care.

Eligibility is assessed through a process as defined in the Department of Health National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded Nursing Care.

The first step in the process for most people will be a screening process using the checklist.

Read NHS continuing healthcare checklist

If an individual is referred for a full assessment for NHS continuing healthcare, the decision support tool should be completed following a multi-disciplinary assessment.

The fast track pathway tool is used in circumstances where an individual has a rapidly deteriorating condition that may be entering a terminal phase.

Wiltshire CCG has a Continuing Care team based at Southgate House, Devizes. If you have an enquiry regarding access to continuing care, please contact the team at the following address or phone number:

Continuing Health Care Team
Wiltshire CCG
Southgate House
Pans Lane
Devizes SN10 5EQ

For general enquiries telephone 01380 733865
For periods of previously un-assessed care (retrospective) claims telephone 01380 733905
Applications for funding of ongoing care telephone 01380 733985

Link to NHS Continuing Healthcare Redress Guidance