Help to Stop Smoking

Help to Stop Smoking

Free support and advice to help you stop smoking

According to national surveys around 75% of smokers want to stop smoking for good and 80% say they wish they’d never started.

If you’re one of them, help is at hand. The Wiltshire Stop Smoking Service offers free help, support and advice.

If you’re a smoker, giving up smoking is probably the biggest single step you can take to improve your health.

Statistics show that smoking is responsible for one in every five deaths in adults over 35 in England and that over a million people are admitted to hospital with smoking-related diseases each year.

Giving up smoking helps more than your health, it will help your bank balance too. A 20-a-day smoker will spend on average £55 a week on cigarettes – that adds up to £2,899 a year. And in these ‘credit crunch’ times that amount of cash would go a long way.

The Wiltshire Stop Smoking Service offers free help, support and advice. If you want to give up smoking, why not get in touch with us. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried many times before but without success, our trained advisors have helped many people in similar situations.

You are four times more likely to stop smoking successfully with our help compared to trying to quit alone. Support is given in a friendly and non-judgmental way, as well as advice about stop smoking treatments that are available on prescription.  Our trained advisors are available at a range of places throughout Wiltshire, one of which we are sure will be convenient to you. You can find help in the following ways:

  • Ask to see a stop smoking advisor at your GP surgery
  • Ask at your local pharmacy
  • Drop in at one of our stop smoking quit clubs
  • Contact the Wiltshire Stop Smoking Service who can offer help to all smokers including pregnant women and their partners, young people, and smokers who may have specialised needs.

Please click here and just enter your post code for your nearest Stop Smoking Support.

Stop Smoking Advisors are available at:

Are you expecting or planning for a baby?

Quitting smoking is the most important thing you can do for your baby, visit to find out more.

Specialist pregnancy support is available on request or via your midwife.

How to contact Wiltshire Stop Smoking Service:

Stop Smoking Service
Wiltshire Public Health
County Hall
Bythesea Road
Wiltshire  BA14 8JN

Phone: 0300 0034562, 8.30am–5.00pm

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Find out how your health will benefit from stopping smoking: Quit smoking to boost health