Your Health


Your Health

Our role at Wiltshire CCG is two-fold: as well as treating you when you’re unwell, we also give you the advice and help you need to create a healthy lifestyle.

You can use these pages to find information on the areas that affect health such as eating the right food increasing the amount of exercise you take, giving up smoking and making sure you drink within the recommended guidelines.

Find out how the schools in Wiltshire are effectively addressing the health and wellbeing of children and young people by visiting Wiltshire Healthy Schools website, which has been provided by NHS Wiltshire and Wiltshire Council.

On the following pages (see menu to your left) you can read about how to support mental wellbeing and how to protect your health as well as finding details of the types of screening we offer.

Help to stop smoking

Free support and advice to help you stop smoking

According to national surveys around 75% of smokers want to stop smoking for good and 80% say they wish they’d never started.

If you’re one of them, help is at hand, Wiltshire Stop Smoking Service offers free help, support and advice.