New CT scanner for Salisbury District Hospital

After a very successful fundraising campaign, the Stars Appeal raised enough money last year to buy a new CT scanner for Salisbury District Hospital and had enough left over that the hospital was able to upgrade their existing scanner.

The new scanner is now in place allowing the hospital to offer more appointments with more up-to-date equipment.

Salisbury District Hospital press release

Salisbury Journal report

The Salisbury Journal has launched a new appeal for Salisbury District Hospital’s breast cancer unit.  Their aim is raise £750,000.

The new facilities will make it possible to deliver care for breast cancer patients in one place and enable the dedicated team to deliver a diagnosis on the same day.  Clinics and counselling rooms will also be on hand, which will reduce the number of visits to the hospital and provide a positive environment that will aid recovery.

So far, over £190,000 has been raised.

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