Have you or someone you care for, recently left hospital?

The Local Government Association (LGA) is reviewing how health and care services in Bath and North East Somerset and Wiltshire are working together to support people when they leave hospital.

The LGA want to know what is and isn’t working well, so they can support health and care services and commissioners to identify what improvements need to be made in future.

Bath and North East Somerset CCG and Wiltshire CCG are helping the LGA to gather information on people’s experience on leaving hospital.

We would like to hear from you if –

  • you live in Bath and North East Somerset or Wiltshire and
  • you or the person you care for has had a stay in hospital while having treatment or recovering and left hospital within the last year.

 To share your experiences and views you can:

  •  Fill in our survey online or print out the survey form, fill it in and send it back to us. The survey closes on Monday 2 September 2019.
  •  Email yourvoice@nhs.net with anything you would like to say or call 01225 831 861.
  •  Take part in a group discussion at St Martins Hospital, Bath on Monday 23 September 2019. If you would like to join the group discussion, please email yourvoice@nhs.net or call 01225 831 861 to find out more.