Awarding of external audit contract

Following the abolition of the Audit Commission, and the passing of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014, all Clinical Commissioning Groups are now required to appoint their own external auditor.

Following a recent tender process, overseen by an Auditor Panel (in accordance with the requirements of the Act), the CCG’s Governing Body has awarded the contract for external audit service to Grant Thornton LLP. The contract starts on 1st April 2017, and runs for three years, which means that Grant Thornton UK LLP will be responsible for the external audit for the financial years 2017/18 to 2019/2020. The contract was awarded with the option to extend by up to two more years.

Under the conditions of the Act, the Governing Body awards the contract, based on the advice of the Auditor Panel. The advice given was as follows:

“The Auditor Panel recommends to the Governing Body that the contract for external audit services should be awarded to Grant Thornton UK LLP. The Panel believe that the bidder showed comprehensive experience with the wider NHS, and had a good understanding of local issues, based on their experience of working with other local CCGs. They also showed a commitment to providing a high quality service, and a clear audit approach. The Panel believe that Grant Thornton evidenced a suitable strategy to manage the transition from the previous audit supplier, minimising the risk to the CCG. Finally, the Panel also believe that their bid provides value for money to the CCG.”