Innovations Development Fund

Funding available for delivering a ‘step change’ in positive mental health and wellbeing within Wiltshire

If you work with adults and have a new or novel way to deliver a change in their positive mental health and wellbeing, local groups or individuals can apply for funding of up to £50,000 from the Mental Health and Wellbeing innovation fund. 

Ted Wilson, Director of Community and Joint Commissioning for NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group said, “We are pleased to be in a position to offer these non-recurrent funds to support initiatives that aim to enable individuals to be more positive and confident about their mental health. We hope that the success of these initiatives will be a catalyst for future collaboration and support.

We are aspiring to fund a number of different community based initiatives that support national and local priorities of increased focus on prevention and keeping well. Proposals for the funding could be smaller bids in a defined area of the county to larger multi-agency bids that cover the whole of Wiltshire, if agencies want to work together to apply collaboratively. 

Bids are welcome from all stakeholders, including third sector and community organisations, with an interest in delivering services where they are able to:

  • Develop and model a responsive preventative approach to mental health
  • Build on community resilience where individuals see themselves as part of a mutually beneficial collective which aims to improve personal wellbeing through social interaction and inclusion
  • Encourage joint working and collaboration across agencies delivering services
  • Demonstrate an innovative and scalable approach to community based care that promotes independence
  • Be able to demonstrate benefits in 1 year

Applications will need to demonstrate how funds will be used to deliver the project and the bid also need to fully describe the expected outcomes.

We are looking for:

  • Bids that are co-produced and able to be jointly delivered by more than one organisation and preferably by more than one voluntary sector organisation
  • Bids that have tangible and measurable benefits for a wide range of participants – across all sectors
  • Bids that actively involve service users in the design delivery and leadership of the project

Bids should ideally be for schemes that are Wiltshire wide however local schemes where they have the potential to be delivered at scale will also be considered.

Proposals for the funding should be made using the application form and completed forms should be submitted to:

The closing date for submitting your completed application form  is 5pm on Friday 15 June 2018.

All proposals will be reviewed by an expert panel, including commissioning and GP leads and people with lived experience of mental health issues.  Successful applicants will be informed by 30 June 2018.