Marking Events As Private on SystmOne

You can set the following Privacy Levels on any event on TPP:

1. Private – Event only visible by staff at your GP Practice. It is not seen by other TPP Organisations, even if the patient has enabled their record to be shared.
2. Safeguarding Relevant – Event only seen by staff who have ‘Safeguarding Access Rights’. To see who has Safeguarding Access Rights, go to Setup > Users & Policy > Staff & Organisation Setup > Amend Staff > Local Access Rights.
3. Do Not Show Online – The patient can not see this event on their online record

You may wish to mark an event as ‘Private’ AND ‘Do not show online’ – So the event will only be seen by staff at your GP practice and will also not seen by the patient on their online record.

How to do it:

From the tabbed journal    >

Click the hand or padlock icon.
private journal

From a template    >

Click “Other Details” in the top left and then mark as “Private” at the bottom.

private top