Primary Care Offer 2016/17
Group SLA – Scheme Outline

The three Group Executives, NEW, WWYKD and SARUM, will work with their member GP practices to design a series of responses to the Group SLA element of the Primary Care Offer as set out below. Group Executive GPs will work with their GP practices and Group commissioning staff to devise plans to meet the requirements of elements 2 and 3 of the Group SLA in relation to ‘Group Initiated Locality Work’ and ‘Group Initiated Innovation Projects’.

Groups will be responsible for monitoring performance and outcomes of the schemes they approve and provide the appropriate level of Governance to ensure the CCG meets its governance and audit requirements.

Plans will be agreed by the three Group Executive GP teams and submitted to the CCG by 30th June 2016. The plans will then be ratified by the Out of Hospital Board (Clinical Executive) and the CCG Governing Body.

Element 1
Prescribing Incentive Scheme (PIS) – Gateway Payment £1.00 per patient

Practice prescribing activity and engagement, nominated prescriptions lead, meeting with CCG Meds Management Team, prescribing activity planning, action and review. Full details of this element of the Group SLA is described in the Prescribing Incentives Scheme specification.

Element 2
Group Initiated Locality Work – £2 per patient

Review Locality Governance arrangements and demonstrate through the Group Structure that the following areas are covered:
• Appointment of Lead Locality GPs
• Update and delivery of Locality Plans for all localities in Wiltshire
• Review and delivery of Individual Practice Plans for each practice focusing on areas of outlying secondary care and referral activity. (Plans should be based on amended monthly ‘practice packs’ and other secondary care activity data to address areas of outlying or unusual activity).
• Locality Estates Plans
Practices to work together to develop a Locality Estates Plans to ensure the Locality premises requirements are developed in order to provide the services which the CCG intend to commission in the future. These plans may support locality bids for Innovation Scheme funding. Plans should focus on the following:
o Increased capacity in clinical services out of hospital;
o Provision of a wider range of services aimed at reducing unplanned admissions;
o Improving seven day access to services;
o Harnessing technology to improve patient care or enable innovation in patient care; and
o Increased training capacity for clinical staff.
• Development of Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs)
• Locality plans for moving to a ‘Full Locality Offer’ (7 day services)
• Participating in locality planning and development activities
• Attending locality meetings, including supporting Area Boards etc.

Element 3
Group Initiated Innovation Projects – £3 per patient

As a membership organisation, the CCG expects through the PCO, that GP Practices will make a contribution in terms of the implementation and delivery of CCG key priorities and programmes. This element of the PCO gives Groups and Localities the opportunity to develop innovative schemes to meet the needs of patients, closer to home, tailored to specific local issues. Examples of schemes may include the following:
• Extension of TCOP schemes to tackle a wider patient group who would benefit from additional input e.g. 65 – 75 year olds, younger patients with disabilities / co-morbidities.
• Participation in one of the CCG Diabetes Programme Early Adopter Schemes (backfill for GP time to attend clinics and liaise with secondary care and community providers).
• Continuation of SARUM Innovation Schemes (carried over from 2015/16 Group SLA).
• Projects to support CCG programmes of work e.g. MSK, End of Life Care, cancer care.
• Projects moving the practices / localities closer to ‘7 day working’ arrangements.

Element 4
Delivery of Group GP Forums / AGM meetings – 10p per patient.

This money will be available to NEW, WWYKD and SARUM Groups to deliver the requirements for GPs to meet together and for the Governance requirements of the individual Group Constitutions.

Payment for elements 2 and 3 of the Group SLA will be paid to practices as follows:

Quarter 1 – on receipt of a plan from each of the three Group GP Executive Teams covering elements 2 and 3 above by the CCG by 30th June 2016.

From July 2016, the remainder of the money for elements 2 and 3 f the Group SLA will be paid directly to practices in monthly installments.