PAERS: Proxy access and children

PAERS: Proxy access and children

Parents can set up online access to their child’s electronic record.  The RCGP suggests that at age 11 this access be reduced or revoked – see advice here.

TPP SystmOne is set up so that at age 11 access automatically reduces so that the record is no longer visible although repeat prescriptions and appointments can still be seen.  At age 16 the entire access is revoked.

Currently EMIS users will need to have a system/protocol in place whereby they manually revoke/reduce access at the childs’ 11th birthday.  It is hoped that EMIS will soon introduce functionality to do this automatically.  A suggestion of a draft letter to the family can be found here.

Access can be reinstated but only following discussion with the child and parents on a case by case basis.

Proxy access can also be set up by spouses / carers etc.

A list of FAQs regarding proxy access and children can be found here.