Patient Access to the Electronic Record

From March 31st 2016  we are contractually obliged to offer our patients on-line access to their electronic record.

Each practice as a minimum must offer those patients who request it,  access  to the read coded information in their notes (or those of a proxy)  – this includes Demographics, allergies/adverse reactions, medications, immunisations, results, values (BP, PEFR), Problems/diagnoses, procedure codes and codes in consultation, codes showing referral made or letters received. The guidance from NHS England is that the patient should be able to see all read coded data dating back to the creation of their electronic record.

In addition to this obligation many practices may wish to offer access to the whole patient record including free text and letters. This is not currently a contractual obligation but some practices have found this to be a beneficial approach for practice and patients.


Below is a list of resources that will hopefully help with the switch on.

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The RCGP toolkit regarding Patient Online Services is available here.