Health & Social Care SystmOne Pilot

Health & Social Care SystmOne Pilot

A new pilot is looking at improving communication between Health and Social Care in Wiltshire. This will involve the Community Team for Persons with Learning Disability Team (CTPLD) and Intermediate Care Team (ICT) having their own SystmOne viewer.

By the CTPLD + ICT Teams having access to a restricted view of the patient record, this will hopefully:
1. Help facilitate safer and more efficient hospital discharges
2. Enable the CTPLD and ICT team to have all the patient information they need
3. Reduce the administrative burden on Practices by reducing calls/faxes/emails

The security of the patient record is of course of primary importance and the following mechanisms are in place:

1. Small Governed Pilot  – The initial pilot will only involve the CTPLD + ICT Teams within Social Care who already work closely with both primary care and the community nursing teams. They all abide by strict information governance policies.

2. Mandatory Consent – The CTPLD + ICT Teams will be required to gain mandatory consent from the patient before viewing the patient record. (Please ensure that the sharing out has been enabled)

3. Restricted View Only – The CTPLD + ICT Teams will not be able to access the full journal/record and certain read codes will not be visible. No data will be added either. Please see the screenshot below.


We hope you agree this is a very valuable piece of work and if you are happy for patients in your practice to be involved then no further action is required from you. If however you have any concerns or questions, then please do let us know. or