Community Teams & Access to Care

Community Teams

As the Community Team and Access to Care are now on SystmOne, all communications can now be sent electronically on SystmOne (rather than by email or fax). This will benefit you by making the referral process quick, simple and auditable.

Simple Referrals – eg blood tests, wound care, catheters

  • Refer to Community Team

Complex Referrals – eg admission avoidance, urgent care assessment

  • Refer to Access To Care – 24/7, if urgent call 0300 111 5818 as well as sending referral
  • Refer to Community Team – 7am-10pm only, if urgent call community team as well as sending referral

Send a Task >

If the patients is already known to the Community Team or Access to Care, you can send a task rather than a new referral, which is very quick and easy to do.

  1. Hover over the patient name in the demographics box and at the bottom of the pop-up you will see if they are known to Community or Access to Care.
  2. Go to tasks. In the ‘For’ drop down box select Community Team
  3. Send the task to the ‘User Group’ called ‘All Communications’ so it is dealt with promptly.
    Please do not send it to individual staff members.

If you have not set-up a task group at your Practice, please do this so that the Community Teams know where to reply to.
To do this, go to Tasks > Settings > User Groups > New Group > Group name = All Communications.
Then select which staff you wish to be included


Receiving Tasks >

Each GP practice is requested to set up a task group on their SystmOne called “All Communications”

The Community Teams and Access to Care will send any information to this task group, rather than individual clinicians.

Send a Referral >

  1. In the Clinical Tree, right click Referrals > New Electronic Referral
  2. For Non-Ardens Practices – Select the Trust Contacts tab and select the recipient
    For Ardens Practices – Go to CCG Contacts tab > 7. Community > Community Services
    n.b. You can add your team as a favourite by right clicking it > Add to favourites
  3. Type out your referral message where it says ‘Enter your referral narrative’ (see top arrow below)
  4. Select the ‘Reason for referral’ (if you can’t see this, click the Advanced button)
  5. Select the ‘Urgency’ level from the drop down list. If urgent, please always call the team to discuss.
  6. Click Ok to send referral
  7.  If the patient has not consented to record sharing you will be prompted to share the record as appropriate. For further information about record sharing, see here


Track a Referral >

When the referral recipient actions a referral an ‘Electronic Referral Rejected / Accepted / Ended’ task will be sent back to you. When you action this task, it allows you to update the referral status.

To track all referrals, go to Reporting > Referral Tracking > Outgoing Referral Tracking to keep track of the progress of referrals

If you do not wish to receive these tasks go to Setup > Users & Policy > Organisation Preferences > Clinical Policy > Referrals Out and Deselect ‘Receive tasks when electronic referrals are accepted / ended’

Cancel a Referral >

To cancel a referral that has not yet been accepted:

  1. Right click on the electronic referral on the Referrals Out tab of the Referrals view and select Mark in Error.
  2. Select the reason you want to cancel the referral and type in any explanatory notes.
  3. Click Ok.

To send a request to the recipient organisation to cancel a referral that has been accepted:

  1. Right click on the referral on the Referrals Out tab of the Referrals view and select Mark in Error.
  2. Select the reason you want to cancel the referral and type in any explanatory notes for the recipient.
  3. Click Yes when asked if you want to send a request to the recipient’s organisation for the accepted referral in to be marked in error.
  4. Click Ok to acknowledge the message that informs you that a task will be sent to the recipient organisation when you save the patient record.
  5. Save the patient record. A ‘Mark In Error Request’ task is sent to the recipient organisation.
  6. You will receive a ‘Mark In Error Response’ task back when the receiving organisation actions your request.>