Continuing Health Care

Continuing health care (CHC)

CHC is a package of care for adults arranged and funded by the NHS. Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) assess people according to a national framework and your eligibility depends on your assessed needs, and not on any particular diagnosis or condition. If your needs change then your eligibility for CHC may also change.

A team of healthcare professionals, known as a multidisciplinary team, will assess if you have a ‘primary health need’ by looking at all your care needs including their intensity, complexity and unpredictability. You will be fully involved in the process and your views about your needs and support will betaken into account. Where appropriate, your carers and/or family members may also be consulted.

Following an assessment the MDT will contribute to the Decision Support Tool and an eligibility decision  will usually be made within 28 days of the CCG receiving a ‘positive’ checklist. The checklist is a screening tool to help determine if you requires a full assessment of eligibility for CHC.

If you are not eligible for CHC

If your are not eligible for CHC, but are assessed as requiring nursing care in a care home, your may be eligible for NHS-funded nursing care. This means that the NHS will pay a contribution towards the cost of your registered nursing care.

If your are eligible for CHC

If your are eligible for CHC, we will work with you to arrange a care and support package suitable for your assessed needs. Depending on your circumstances, your package may include support in your home or the option of a personal health budget.

We will normally review your care needs and support package within three months and then at least once a year. During a review, we will  consider if your existing care and support package meets your assessed needs. If your needs have changed, the review will also consider if  you are still eligible for CHC  and if you need an increased care package of care.

Fast-track funding

In certain situations, a clinician may decide a person should be fast-tracked for CHC. During fast-tracking, a person avoids the full assessment process. A person may receive fast-tracked CHC if:

  • they have a rapidly deteriorating condition that may be terminal
  • their needs to be urgently met, for example to provide appropriate end of life support in their own home or care setting
Contact the CHC team

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