We are responsible for commissioning local NHS health services for the people of Wiltshire including community health, mental health and continuing healthcare services. For a full list of the services we commission, visit our About Us page. Nationally, NHS England is responsible for commissioning specialised services, primary care, some public health services and offender healthcare.

What we do and don’t fund

We use national and local policies to ensure the treatments, operations and drugs we commission offer the most benefit to the largest number of patients, while ensuring public money is spent wisely. The service demand is, unfortunately always greater than the money available, so we prioritise our funds carefully because it’s not possible to fund every available treatment. This means there are a number of treatments that we do not normally pay for. 

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Continuing healthcare (CHC)

As well as commissioning healthcare services, we also fund and arrange CHC for outside of hospital (e.g. your home or a registered care home). Your eligibility for CHC depends on your assessed needs and not on any particular diagnosis or condition.

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