Wiltshire Dying Well Community Charter

Wiltshire Dying Well Community Charter

About the Dying Well Community Charter

Wiltshire CCG is one of a growing number of organisations based in Wiltshire who are committed to supporting people when they or their loved ones have a life-limiting illness or are recently bereaved. That’s why we were very proud to be one of the founder organisations behind Wiltshire’s Dying Well Community Charter. The Charter encourages a community-wide approach to support people who are affected by dying, and identifies simple steps employers can take to demonstrate their commitment to supporting their staff and their loved ones.

The Charter was developed in 2017 after consulting with local people, for the Wiltshire End of Life Care Strategy, on what were the things that they felt would matter most to them if they or a loved one was dying. Simultaneously, a partnership group of local organisations who recognised the value of the Charter and also its value to their own staff was formed.

The founder organisations were:

  • Dorothy House Hospice Care
  • Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Healthwatch Wiltshire
  • Prospect Hospice
  • Public Health Wiltshire
  • Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust
  • Salisbury Hospice Charity
  • Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
  • Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Wiltshire Health and Care.

Offering support and understanding of people who are either approaching the end of their lives themselves, or whose loved ones are, has always been part of what the founders do. By signing the Wiltshire Dying Well Community Charter, we hope it will be part of what you do too. By working together, we think we can make a big difference.

The idea of a Dying Well Community Charter was originally set out towards the end of 2014 by The National Council for Palliative Care, working in partnership with Public Health England: The Dying Well Community Charter: Principles of care and support

Signing up to the Wiltshire Dying Well Community Charter

It costs you nothing to sign the Charter and by signing up your organisation will have immediate access to our Wiltshire Dying Well Community Charter resource section with tools to help you support this sensitive subject in the work place.


You can sign up using the contact form below or by emailing wiltshire.dyingwell@nhs.net with your name, company name, number of staff, email, phone number and address*. Attach your logo to be featured on our website. You will be emailed the resource information and the Wiltshire Dying Well Community Charter logo to identify your organisation as a Compassionate Employer.

*By signing up your email will be used to keep you informed of the charter. This may include being contacted, invited to events and newsletters about the Charter.