Risk management

Risk Management

Our Governing Body has formally adopted a Risk Management Strategy that sets out our strategic direction for risk management including:

  • the definition of risk
  • risk management objectives
  • roles and responsibilities
  • the process
  • risk appetite
  • training, communication and monitoring

Key elements of the strategy are the Board Assurance Framework (BAF) which outlines systems in place to manage our strategic objectives and control the risks to these objectives, and the Risk Register that allows risks to be explored, prioritised for treatment and management actions to be programmed and monitored.  Every two months the BAF and the high level risk register is presented at our Governing Body meeting.

Health and safety

We have a statutory responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of anyone who could be affected by our work, including our staff. As part of our commitment to health and safety, we:

  • Identify and manage health and safety risks to meet legislative requirements and achieve the standards of best practice
  • Do everything we can to ensure people are not exposed to unacceptable risk
  • Implement a safety management system that supports people to manage identified or potential health and safety risks
  • Clearly define our expectations and standards for health and safety and ensure we document our local arrangements
  • Ensure our staff and managers have the guidance, understanding and opportunities to maintain and improve their welfare, safe working environment and safe working practices
  • Ensure our staff and managers are clear on their responsibilities around health and safety
  • Work with NHS Property Services and the other occupiers of Southgate House to ensure our health and safety are maintained