Five Year Plan

Building better healthcare for Wiltshire

Resource-Requirements_v2The shape of healthcare services in Wiltshire over the next five years is set to change. We know that demand for NHS services in Wiltshire will continue to increase but the money we have available to spend on these services will stay the same.

As you might expect, we have a plan – a five year plan to be exact – setting out how we intend to commission high quality and affordable services in Wiltshire between now and 2019. We won’t be doing it alone. Our partners, Wiltshire Council are vital to the success of these joint initiatives.

As the organisation responsible for designing and commissioning a huge range of health services in Wiltshire, we are keen to make those services both affordable and the best possible for local people.

Our vision and principles

We believe that health and social care services in Wiltshire should support and sustain independent living and we have designed our future system based on three key important principles:

Encourage and support Wiltshire residents to take on more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing   Provide fair access to a high quality and affordable system of care for the greatest number of people  

Provide less care in hospitals and more care at home or in the community

To achieve these principles we will need to change the way in which we spend our budget. We want to:

  • Spend more money on health education and prevention to encourage you to take more personal responsibility for your health and wellbeing
  • Spend more money to improve community care and increase the range of services provided in a local setting – closer to where you live
  • As a result, we would need to spend less money on providing bed-based care in hospital

Healthcare centered around you

Our model for the future of healthcare in Wiltshire is centered around you, the patient. For approximately every 20,000 people, we want to provide an integrated team of GP surgeries, community nurses and therapists together with social worker support. This diagram shows how health and social care services in Wiltshire will be centered around you:



Get involved

We believe that the views, opinions and suggestions of local residents are crucial to the success of our plans for providing high quality affordable care for Wiltshire.

We’d like you to know more about our plans and we’d like to hear your views on what makes good healthcare in your area.

We often hold informal public meetings – come along for a cup of tea and a biscuit and tell us what you think or simply listen to what we have to say.  Future dates will be published on this website.

Or we can come to you! If you belong to an organisation, community or interest group and you’d like us to attend one of your meetings or events, please let us know. If you’d like us to talk to you and colleagues at work, we can do that. Let us know by emailing: