Gluten-free foods on prescription

Gluten-free foods on prescription

In February 2018 the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) announced its decision to nationally restrict the prescribing of gluten-free foods. This is in response to the public consultation in 2017 on the ‘Availability of gluten-free foods on NHS prescription’.

Wiltshire CCG’s current policy permits the prescribing of gluten-free staple foods for patients with a diagnosis of coeliac disease and/or dermatitis herpetiformis, with the following guidance:

  • Gluten-free prescribing should focus on enabling people with coeliac disease to access gluten-free staple foods, (bread, bread mix, flour, flour mix and pasta) free of charge on NHS prescription, as part of a healthy balanced diet.
  • Sweet biscuits and cakes should not be prescribed based on the grounds of supporting healthy lifestyles and the fact that gluten-free products are available at competitive prices in supermarkets.
  • Any gluten-free foods prescribed for patients without a confirmed diagnosis should not be prescribed.

Between 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2018, gluten-free foods on prescription cost NHS Wiltshire £241,487.

Wiltshire CCG is engaging with the public, patients and clinicians on two proposed options that will change the prescribing approach to gluten-free foods in Wiltshire.

Option A: End the prescribing of all gluten-free foods in primary care.
Option B: Restrict gluten-free prescribing to bread and mixes only for those patients with a diagnosis of Coeliac Disease and/or confirmed dermatitis herpetiformis  up to the age of 18 years only.

Have your say

Wiltshire CCG is proposing to change its prescribing approach to gluten-free foods, in line with National Institute of Care and Excellence (NICE) guidelines – this questions and answers document explains why.

Have your say by completing this short survey by 22 July 2018. This survey is now closed.

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