Spending Choices

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Spending Choices

We know that demand for many health services in Wiltshire will continue to increase but the money we have available to spend on these services will stay the same.

Our five year plan sets out a new way of spending money on local health services. We intend to:

  • Spend more money on health education and prevention to encourage you to take more personal responsibility for your health and wellbeing
  • Spend more money to improve community care and increase the range of services provided in a local setting
  • As a result, we will spend less money on providing bed-based hospital care


Healthcare that is centred around you

Our model for the future of healthcare in Wiltshire is centred around you, the patient. Every cluster of 20,000 people will be served by an integrated team of GP surgeries, community nurses and therapists together with social worker support. The diagram below shows how health and social care services in Wiltshire will be centred around you.