New CT scanner for Salisbury District Hospital

After a very successful fundraising campaign, the Stars Appeal raised enough money last year to buy a new CT scanner for Salisbury District Hospital and had enough left over that the hospital was able to upgrade their existing scanner.

The new scanner is now in place allowing the hospital to offer more appointments with more up-to-date equipment.

Salisbury District Hospital press release

Salisbury Journal report

Come along and see us at the Warminster Area Board meeting, which takes place at the Civic Centre, Sambourne Road, Warminster BA12 8LB, on 6 November between 2pm and 4.30pm.

Representatives from the CCG will be on hand to talk to you about the Better Care Plan and give you an update on our work.

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Feeling Under the Weather?

NHS Wiltshire CCG is supporting the NHS winter campaign, ‘Feeling under the weather?’.

The campaign is urging older people to seek early advice from their pharmacist for minor winter illnesses.  It is targeted at the over 60s, and also at those aged 45 and above who often look after an older friend, neighbour or relative.

If you’re over 60 a minor illness can get worse quickly.  The campaign encourages people feeling under the weather with a bad cough, trouble breathing, a cold or sore throat, to pop down to their local pharmacy for quick health advice.

The campaign will run from 27 October for six weeks, and adverts will appear on the radio and press, as well in supermarkets and local pharmacies.

Feeling under the weather? leaflet


Steve-Rowlands-2014_WEBOver the last eight years or so, at this time of the year, I have used my time off over half term as a chance to get a sneaky start to Movember, in an attempt to get a head start on my colleagues in the moustache growing department.

Movember is a an annual event that started in Adelaide in 1999 in order to raise awareness of men’s health issues, and involves all participants growing a moustache in November. (Hence me starting in October was a definite Unfair Advantage!)

But how can growing a moustache help men’s health?

In short it is an awareness that helps to educate and empower men to take responsibility for their own health.

As a GP it seems iniquitous that women have screening programmes that are hugely beneficial and yet there was nothing in place for screening men’s health.

Movember started with a conversation between friends and it’s a conversation that remains integral to how the Movember Foundation is changing the face of men’s health.

Today, it is just many more conversations. When you count the online and in-person chat that takes place each Movember, it’s literally billions of conversations. These conversations transcend a casual discussion about moustache growth into serious conversations about men’s health.

Does it work?

It has been shown that the Movember campaign is having a positive impact on getting men engaged and thinking about their health and taking preventative action.

  • 99% of participants talked to someone about their health
  • 75% became more aware of the health issues they face
  • 62% had seen or were intending to see a medical professional to get their key personal data checked (blood pressure, cholesterol, waistline, weight)
  • 50% told someone they should take action to improve their health
  • 75% said they were more likely to tell someone they knew to seek professional health if they thought it was needed
  • 1.7 billion conversations were had

So not only should we think about testicular and prostate cancer, which are peculiar to men, but we should all be thinking about lifestyle choices ie diet, smoking, drinking and exercise, all of which can have an impact on all of our long term health issues.

Those of you that have heard me talk will know how I go banging on about personal responsibility and the need for every one of us take control of our health where at all possible

So if anyone you know is starting to sprout hairs around their top lip it will hopefully be with an ulterior motive of not only becoming more aware of their own health but also making you aware of yours and is to be applauded.

As Chairman of this Health organisation, I will be encouraging those of us that can to join in and support Movember and you never know I may yet again try and gain a small advantage next week.

Congratulations to the emergency team at Salisbury District Hospital who have just won the Emergency Services Award in the Local Heroes Awards for 2014.

The team deals with a wide variety of people from the Salisbury catchment area, with a relatively small staff, working long shifts and anti-social hours, but they do so with efficiency, a welcoming manner and are almost always smiling.

Salisbury Journal

Salisbury District Hospital

Today, Tuesday 14 October, sees the start of the Be Clear on Cancer campaign being run again this year by Public Health England.

People are being urged to go to their doctor if they see blood when they pee, even if it’s just once.

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Representatives from the CCG will be at the Trowbridge Area Board meeting, which is being held in County Hall Trowbridge on Thursday 16 October, between 2pm and 5pm.

Come along and meet with CCG representatives and hear all about the Better Care Plan.  For more information about this Area Board meeting, click here.

Representatives from the CCG will be at the next Area Board meeting, which is being held in Melksham Assembly Hall on Wednesday 15 October, between 4.30pm and 8.30pm.

Come along and hear about the Better Care Plan and talk to health experts, learn about leading a healthier lifestyle and about how your CCG is working to provide the right healthcare for you, with you and near your.

Representatives from the CCG will be at the next Area Board meeting, which is being held in Downton, Salisbury, on Monday 13 October, between 6pm and 8.30pm.

Come along and hear about the Better Care Plan and talk to health experts, learn about leading a healthier lifestyle and about how your CCG is working to provide the right healthcare for you, with you and near your.

There will be an Area Board meeting in Westbury on Thursday 9 October between 4.30pm and 7.30pm.  It is being held at The Laverton, Bratton Road, Westbury BA13 3EN.

Representatives from the CCG will be in attendance so come along and see us.  We will be talking about our Better Care Plan and there will be a Health Fair, where you can pick up a copy of our Annual Report and Accounts along with other goodies.

The Diabetes Bus will be out and about in Wiltshire over the coming days. Members of the public are invited to come along and get tested to see if you are at risk of diabetes.

The Bus is available at the following places between 9am and 5pm:

Tuesday, October 28: Pewsey (Pewsey Market, Outside Bouverie Hall)
Wednesday, October 29: Amesbury (Car park, SP4 7DR)
Thursday, October 30: Bradford on Avon (Station Car park, BA15 1DQ)
Friday, October 31: Calne (Sainsbury’s car park, The Pippin, SN11 8JG)
Saturday, November 1: Salisbury (Market Square, Guildhall, SP1 1TL)

The bus is part of the Healthy Lifestyle campaign, which is being organised by the CCG, Wiltshire Council and Diabetes UK.

Dr Steve Rowlands, Chairman of Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “This is a great opportunity to work with our colleagues at Wiltshire Council as we are all only too aware of the increasing impact that diabetes is having on our communities and by taking our messages on the road we aim to increase people’s awareness of this condition to enable them to take positive lifestyle actions.”

If you’re eligible for the flu vaccine, don’t put it off, get it now

NHS Wiltshire CCG is supporting the NHS Flu campaign.

The campaign will run from 6 October across England, encouraging those who are eligible for the free flu vaccination to take up the offer.  It is targeted at those with long-term health conditions, pregnant women and parents of children aged 2-4.

Adverts will appear on radio and in the press supported by digital search.

Those who catch the flu pass it on to an average of two people putting those most vulnerable at an increased risk including those with long-term health conditions and pregnant women.

Flu is a highly infectious disease with symptoms that come on very suddenly. Healthy individuals usually recover in two to seven days but for some, the disease can lead to hospitalisation, permanent disability or even death.

Points to remember are:

  • Don’t put off getting the flu vaccination; if you’re eligible get it now. It’s free because you need it
  • If you have a long-term health condition, even one that is well managed, or you are pregnant, you are at greater risk of severe complications if you catch flu
  • The nasal spray vaccination is a quick, painless and effective way for children aged 2-4 to be protected from flu without the need for injections
  • The flu vaccination is particularly important for those who are at increased risk of flu
  • It is vital that those who are eligible have the flu vaccine every year as the vaccine protects against different strains of flu which evolve each year
  • The flu vaccination is one of the most effective ways to reduce harm from flu
  • The flu vaccine reduces risk of serious illness, hospitalisation and even death among those who are most at risk

If you have a long-term health condition:

  • If you have a long-term health condition, even one that is well managed, you are eligible for the flu vaccination free of charge.  It’s free because you need it
  • Flu can make the effects of your existing condition worse and makes complications like pneumonia more likely

If you are pregnant:

  • If you are pregnant, you are eligible for the flu vaccination free of charge. It’s free because you need it
  • The flu vaccine reduces the risk of complications and potential harmful consequences for both you and your baby if you catch the flu e.g. premature birth
  • Pregnancy naturally weakens the body’s immune system and as a result you may be less able to fight off infections, increasing the risk of becoming seriously ill as a result of flu
  • The flu vaccine is safe during any stage of pregnancy, it does not carry any risks for you or your baby


  • If you have children aged two, three or four, don’t put off taking them for their free flu vaccination
  • The nasal spray vaccination is quick, effective and painless and available to children aged 2-4 years
  • It’s important to protect your little ones from flu and the vaccination is available free on the NHS
  • Flu can be a very unpleasant illness in children as they suffer the same symptoms as adults including fever, chills and aching muscles
  • The flu vaccination will help protect your child from flu and also reduce the chance of flu spreading to others

Watch the video here.

Lift Psychology in Swindon and Wiltshire are offering free courses for people recently diagnosed with dementia and their carers.  It’s a chance to meet and talk to others who are going through the same thing.

The course runs for eight weeks.  The first session is for both those with a diagnosis and their carer together.  There will then be separate sessions in the following weeks with the last session being held for both.

Sessions will also look at topics such as:

  • Memory aids and strategies
  • Feelings, coping with stress, social situations and relationships
  • Learning about dementia
  • Living as well as you can with dementia and staying active

The course will be held at:

Devizes Quaker Meeting House
Sussex Wharf
The Nursery
Devizes SN10 2AE

Between 2pm and 3.15pm on 13 October 2014.

To reserve a place, call Jackie Freeman, manager of LIFT Devizes on 01380 731335.

Please note, you must be registered with a Wiltshire GP to be eligible to attend this course.

To learn more about LIFT Psychology in Swindon and Wiltshire, click here.

Representatives from Wiltshire CCG will be attending the Area Board meeting at Calne on 7 October.  Come along and meet us and listen to our update on how we want to make your healthcare better for you.

There will also be a Health Fair where you can pick up information, leaflets, and other goodies.  Copies of our Annual Report and Accounts will also be available.

For more information see here.

Representatives from Wiltshire CCG will be at Amesbury Village Hall on 2 October at the Area Board meeting.  There will also be a stall at the Health Fair, which runs between 4 and 8pm, where you can pick up information about the CCG including copies of our Annual Report and Accounts.

For more information see here.